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Local 2001, 2017 Sub-Division Chairmen Nomination/Election Rules

Local 2001 Railroad Division
Transport Workers Union of America AFL-CIO
Sub-Division Nomination and Election Rules

  1. Nomination for Sub-Division Officers will be held in March of 2017 at Sub-Division meetings as advertised on bulletin boards.
  2. Election of Sub-Division Officers will be held in the month of April 2017 at Sub-Division meetings as advertised on bulletin boards unless the Election Committee conducts the election by Mail Ballot. Candidates elected as Sub-Division Chairmen may also serve as Delegates or Alternate Delegates to any Regular or Special Transport Workers Union International Convention.
  3. Nominees must be present at their nominations or must tender a written authorization of their acceptance if they cannot attend the meeting for a valid reason.
  4. Nominees must be a member in good standing in accordance with Article XIII Sections 3, 4, and 5 of the International Constitution. Nominees must be a member of the Sub-Division in which nominated for office.
  5. Members making nominations and members seconding nominations must be a member in good standing in accordance with Article XII I Sections 3, 4, and 5 of the International Constitution and the Local By-laws. In the event that more than one session of the Sub-Division Meeting is held on the same day, the nominee (unless excepted as set forth in Rule 3 above), the nominator, and those seconding the nomination must all be present at the same session of the meeting that the nomination takes place. Nominators must be a member of their respective Sub-Division.
  6. There must be three (3) members in good standing seconding of those nominated who are members of their respective Sub-Division.
  7. The present incumbent shall appear on the ballot first. Other candidates will be placed on the ballot in order of their nominations.
  8. Dues Check-off lists as submitted by Amtrak, Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern, New Jersey Transit, PATH, and MetroNorth Railroad Companies, "Over the Counter" lists as submitted by the Financial Secretary­Treasurer as shown on the Union Records shall govern eligibility.
  9. Names of nominees for elections and those making nominations must be submitted to the Election Committee so that their eligibility may be checked.
  10. It will be the duty of the Election Committee to insure that only one ballot is given to each eligible voter who must sign register book before receiving ballot. The Election Committee will verify that a ballot returned in a Mail Ballot election was properly issued and properly returned.
  11. Tabulation will take place immediately at close of the April meeting, unless election is conducted by mail ballot.
  12. Where there are no eligible nominees, it shall be the duty of the Executive Board to name a member in good standing to office.
  13. Any member in good standing may observe the handling of ballots by the Election Committee and may witness the counting thereof subject to the rules of order established by the Election Committee.
  14. A nominee may not place either his own name in nomination or second his own nomination.
  15. No one on the Election Committee shall be eligible for Sub-Division office.

The Election Committee consists of:
John R. Feltz, President
Patrick Flannery, Executive Vice President
Patrick Howard, Secretary-Treasurer